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 Title  Author  Tune 
For the Benefit of Mr. K Blinker For the Benefit of Mr. Kite [Beatles]
From Wade To You DianaDavis She Loves You [Beatles]
Strawberry Quinn Forever Blinker Strawberry Fields Forever [Beatles]
Cover Version 3001 Blinker Yesterday [Beatles]
Stayin' Online The_Cynic Stayin' Alive [Bee Gees]
The Ballad of David Peckinpah quinn24 Theme Song [Beverly Hillbillies]
This is "Last Days" ThomasMalthus All the Small Things [Blink 182]
Kari Wuhrer's "Slut" Blinker Bitch [Meredith Brooks]
The Story Game Theme Song ThomasMalthus I'll Never Tell [Buffy]
So You Wanna Be A Season Four Star Blinker So You Wanna Be A Rock N' Roll Star [Byrds]
 Title  Author  Tune 
Quinn's Slide HurriKain Remmy's Slide [Cleavant Derricks]
Idiot Producer HurriKain Idiot Boyfriend [Jimmy Fallon]
No Acting Necessary Missing Slider Ryan Vogue [Madonna]
Young Girls Are Coming to the Chasm Blinker Twelve Thirty [Mamas and the Papas]
I'm A Slider Blinker I'm A Believer [Monkees]
Last Slide to Earth Prime Atomic Davey Jones Last Train to Clarksville [Monkees]
Mallory Callie21V Valleri [Monkees]
To All The Trolls We've Flamed Before ContessaM To All The Girls I've Loved Before [Willie Nelson & Julio Iglesias]
S3's Not All Right The_Cynic The Kids Aren't All Right [The Offspring]
Who You Gonna Call? Sliders! ContessaM Ghostbusters [Ray Parker Jr.]
 Title  Author  Tune 
La Vie Glissant St_Claire La Vie Bohème ["Rent"]
No Sliding Callie21V No Sex [Chris Rock]
Sliding Off A Train Blinker L Train [Shootyz Groove]
Kari Wuhrer's "Weapon of Choice" HurriKain Weapon of Choice [Fatboy Slim]
What Would Maggie Beckett Do? FogBoy What Would Brian Boitano Do? ["South Park"]
Can't Force the Slide DianaDavis Can't Hurry Love [Supremes]
Fourth Slider DianaDavis Love Child [Supremes]
I'm Sliding In Shame DianaDavis I'm Livin' In Shame [Supremes]
They Don't Really Need Me DianaDavis You Keep Me Hangin' On [Supremes]
Bad Thing, Worse Thing: This Slide of Paradise ThomasMalthus Wild Thing [Troggs]
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