The sliders are trapped on a disease-ravaged world where antibiotics were never discovered. Racing against time, they must find a cure and escape before it's too late.

    The nightmare begins when Wade is almost run over by a truck. A man shoves her out of the way, and she thanks him by giving him a kiss. The man looks at her like she is insane and then runs away. Famished, the sliders hit a local hamburger joint. To Rembrandt's horror, food on this world consists of sterile lumps of meat vacuum-sealed in plastic bags. He then discovers that Quinn is a wanted criminal: "Patient Zero" for the "Q Fever."

    Soon, Wade becomes sick and everything starts to fall apart around them. A Gestapo-like health agency is hunting Quinn: on this world, his double was experimentally injected with a virus, which he accidentally spread into the general population. Quinn is captured and the scientists are baffled when they detect no trace of Q on him.

    While this is happening, Wade, Remmy, and Arturo join the underground population of Q sufferers. While there, they meet Patient Zero himself, who is close to death. Arturo and Rembrandt learn that antibiotics were never invented on this world. By now, they too have caught the disease. With nothing left to lose, Arturo tries to create penicillin from bread moulds. He succeeds and cures Wade, Remmy, and himself. Remmy then decides it's time to go in after Quinn.

    Luckily, this world's Quinn has a friend on the "inside." She gives her life helping Quinn to escape. They all meet up and give this earth a cure for the virus, as the powerless health commissioner looks on. The next slide lands them on a world of cannibals!

    This wasn't a bad episode, but it was unremittingly bleak and far from one of the best. I would have to say that my favorite part was the end. I loved the comedy between Arturo and Remmy, discussing the cannibals. "I'm just a Chicken McNugget... you're the quarter pounder!"

Slider8's Final Thought:
    A decent showing. 3 out of 4 stars.

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