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Dec31/06 - An inspirational poster.
Dec10/06 - Back from the dead: HillSlide.
Jul18/06 - Famous last words.
Jun14/06 - So what did they make of "Stomp"?
May12/06 - DVD FAQ overhaul.
Mar15/06 - Spot the difference!
Mar6/06 - All You Zombies, and Then Some.
Feb24/06 - Post-SOL finale; theatre; Magic Voice.
Feb10/06 - "This Slide," it's personal.
Jan25/06 - Forty-Six; VII; 49,986.
Jan18/06 - The Parallax View, PSA 9.


Dec31/05 - OBGYN-- er, OBWAT; PSA 8.
Oct28/05 - More Hillslide and sundry photos.
Oct23/05 - Whispering gallery; PSA 7.
Sep20/05 - DDE 3; PSA 6; FAQ Again and World.
Sep14/05 - Meet the ultimate fan.
Aug19/05 - Visa spot; Peck Trek; PSA 5.
Aug6/05 - Star system; ballad; PSA 4.
Jul6/05 - Which Season Are You?
Jun25/05 - Font sightings; HS 12-13; PSA 3.
Jun9/05 - Names and the spelling of them; PSA 2.
May23/05 - Kenny's Slide II: Requiem; PSA 1.
May21/05 - SR: South Park; NSR: DS9 and Firefly.
May10/05 - How I spent my spring vacation.
May1/05 - Cappers on drugs; Middlefield.
Feb20/05 - Is this the final SG???
Jan22/05 - Return of the S1 ads.
Jan16/05 - Spot the Marvin Minsky reference!
Jan14/05 - A friendly chat with the Pecker.
Jan9/05 - What is this, Theme Song Week?
Jan8/05 - o/` Magazine, magazine... o/`
Jan2/05 - This week on Sliders Radio...


Dec31/04 - A look back in mild annoyance.
Dec25/04 - o/` Ten tracks a-playing, seven wacky
chapters, and a captain who's covered in pee. o/`
Dec18/04 - A puzzle, and a bumper crop of sounds.
Dec11/04 - HillSlide! Get your fresh HillSlide here!
Dec2/04 - New stuff from E69 and the Crapparatus.
Nov28/04 - Good heavens... JOC's emoting again!
Nov23/04 - Long-running fic; short-changed photos.
Nov13/04 - The Dork Side of the BBoard.
Oct31/04 - The Dark Side of the BBoard.
Oct28/04 - Sliders: TNG - 8 of 9 posts found!
Oct15/04 - Fire! Fire! Fire! Huh-huh. Also, Farscape.
Oct3/04 - Spike & Hunter: the lost episode.
Jul24/04 - Purgatory... and Hell.

May31/04 - Preliminary DVD art available.
May23/04 - The Second Last of Eden.

May15/04 - Top 10, Top 20, and Top 100.
May11/04 - She could bite you. [197k MP3]

Apr17/04 - DVD news about extras and pre-orders.
Apr4/04 - Cappers vs. "Paradise." Uneven fight much?
Mar15/04 - Pilot caps, Vol. 2, and Dorky's S8.

Feb11/04 - DVD FAQ; "stay tuned" ad. [576k]
Feb3/04 - SG-33, and a magazine exposé.
Feb1/04 - Dorky's Brad Linaweaver impression.
Jan22/04 - Quinn gets miffed, Love Gods gets riffed.


Dec15/03 - Sound page overhaul; SLAE trivia.

Dec8/03 - Earth 69 ep and font sighting.
Nov9/03 - 3D eye puzzle; Kari's ode to... um, joy.
Oct21/03 - Write your own ep; pre-Pilot ad.
Oct15/03 - SGs 29-32, and A Cold Day.
Oct14/03 - BBSA and meta-section maintenance.

Sep20/03 - ...and Gillian of the Spirits.
Sep19/03 - JennX of the Spirits.

Sep5/03 - Return to Middletown...
Sep3/03 - Donner on S5; "Enter the Duck."
Aug5/03 - A long-lost HurriKain trailer.
Jul4/03 - Syndication cuts et al...
Jun9/03 - Funkless Monks.

May22/03 - Gillian of the Cappers.
Apr30/03 - Stolen Angel extended mix. [1.8MB]

Apr25/03 - Speaking of Yawn Cretin... [638K]
Apr19/03 - Global ad for Just Say Yes. [245K]
Apr8/03 - Lawyers, Guns, and Funny.
Plus: Requiem II, and the definitive Greatfellas!

Mar29/03 - Today's victim: Revelations.
Mar25/03 - Pharaoh and zombie caps aplenty!

Feb15/03 - Kari mourns her original breasts. [48k]
Feb9/03 - HillSlide, chapters 6 through 9.
Feb7/03 - Links: now running under OS 9!


Dec31/02 - Sarah recovers SG-16 and SG-19!
Dec28/02 - JRD's life lessons. [1MB interview]
Dec26/02 - Self-flagellation, now on display!
Dec25/02 - Speaking of bringing coma victims...
Dec10/02 - Mr. Flibble says: time to die, Exodus!
Dec9/02 - Bagk and bagk and bagk to the future.

Nov29/02 - Prince and Prince. They're caps!
Nov22/02 - Stax_ and Stax_. They're cops!

Nov1/02 - Exodus, the Chasm, and Revelations.
Plus: Andrews, meet Marta... [35k MP3]

Oct17/02 - FOX's 1997 Paradise Lost promo. [319k]
Oct12/02 - Today's specials: "Arrrrr," and "Arrgh!!!"

Aug21/02 - Sleazy Slider II: The Revenge.
Aug14/02 - Foods and friends.
You don't get much better than that.

Jul22/02 - Captioneering Virtuosity.
Jul4/02 - o/` Fever when you cap at night... o/`

Jun4/02 - Click here for FREE SEX!!!
May6/02 - Seer? I hardly know her!
May1/02 - Three new wallpapers.

Apr25/02 - La Cueva Nueva (de las Historias!)
Apr17/02 - HillSlide: the first five chapters.

Mar20/02 - A long-lost TF1 classic!
Mar17/02 - You mean, like, every second episode?...

Jan29/02 - Roads Captioned.
Jan28/02 - It's news to me too... [83k MP3]


Dec28/01 - Paradise by the Dashboard, Lost.
Dec22/01 - "Mother and Chili." Or something.
Dec16/01 - Beer Bad. School Hard. TM Funny!
Dec6/01 - A blast from the past.

Oct31/01 - Resident Slider. The whole thing.
Oct26/01 - A classic Top Ten, and Stoker again.

Oct20/01 - A thousand deaths. Eight caps.
Sep1/01 - Put Sliders in your MP3 player!

Aug11/01 - Flux, more Flux, and... Madonna?!
Aug10/01 - SL vs El S., and an Exec vignette.

Jul26/01 - Ryan and Dinosaurs... Part Two.
Plus: more Season Four outtake clips!
Jul16/01 - Ryan and Dinosaurs... Part One.
Jul4/01 - Season Four reviews complete.

May27/01 - And now... The Exodus, Part II.
May21/01 - The Exodus, Part I.

Apr1/01 - Kari. Shiny. The nightmare begins.
Mar17/01 - The Show Must Go On.

Feb8/01 - How soon they forget.
Feb5/01 - Last Days things; Maggie sings.

Jan22/01 - Sleazy Slider; Please Press THIS.
Jan17/01 - Capifornia Reich; Captions of the Game.

Jan6/01 - The Santa Race airs; Quinn's Slide.
Jan3/01 - The Guardian captions.


Dec14/00 - The King is Capped...
Dec9/00 - Hey, look! Asylum captions!

Nov18/00 - Peck's version of The Guardian!
[6MB QuickTime 3 download]

Oct31/00 - Hallowe'en captions:
vampires and zombies and nerds, oh my!

Oct9/00 - Pilot Part II gets MSTed;
HurriKain vs. Silverguy.

Oct3/00 - The Alternateville Captions.
Oct2/00 - My Brother's Capper.

Jun19/00 - Caption galleries for Double Cross,
Murder Most Foul, and The Last of Eden.


Dec5/99 - Tossed in a little holiday spirit,
and a new video clip from QBall79.

Oct29/99 - A brand-new Earth 69 episode: "Slide By Liar"!

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