The following links are to sites who have joined SSN in our quest to bring back SLIDERS. If you wish to join SSN, simply place our banner on your site (preferably where everyone will see it). Let me know, and I'll gladly place a link to your site here! Thanks everybody for your help!

Sliders: The Dimension of Continuity
I can't say enough about this site. From TemporalFlux, its main purpose is to answer new and old questions about SLIDERS by looking at rare script outtakes, memorabilia, and whatever Tf can find!

Earth 374: The Way It Should Be
From Chaser9, this site explores what might have been had the original cast returned for Season Five. Trust me, it's not what you're expecting at all. Great fanfic, and it's also the mother of The Otherworlds.

From Slider142, this site has a lot of great extras, including short stories, an original novel called "Fable," a page devoted to Sliders, and one to saving the show! Worth checking out!

Gate Haven: Same Planet, Different Dementia!
From Blinker, this truly insane site is one of two to house the archive of "Parallel Dementia," an interactive fanfic game created by Thomas Malthus. Also contains Blinker's Top Ten lists, Sliders from Earth 69 (and you thought our world's show was bad at times), and Colin Mallory's Can O' Whup-Ass!

Alternate Earth 117
From SliderSarah, a great page with information, episode synopses, pics-a-plenty, fanfic, and the "Bring Back Sliders to the UK Campaign". Also houses the Parallel Dementia Archive! Definitely worth a look-see!

Sliders Central
From "SlidersCentral" of the Dominion Sliders board, this site houses many theories, fanfics, and other interesting items!

Earth 62: Welcome to Steve's Parallel World
Steve (Vortex62) uses Java applets to achieve an impressive look on his site! If you're looking for a great all-around SF page with good info on Sliders, check this one out.

From Slider43, a familiar looking site with pictures, news, and an episode guide.

Sliders: The Timer
Sliders: The Timer

This very cool site by Gregslider of France contains many items of interest, including his personal interview with Robert K. Weiss as published in Generation Series, a French Sci-Fi magazine. Special thanks to Greg for letting me use the pic of RK!

Sliders Image Gallery
The name says it all! Looking for Sliders screencaps? This is a good place to find some!