Roads Taken

This episode first aired in the UK on 7th September 1998 on Sky 1.

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Writer:Story by Marc Scott Zicree, Teleplay by Bill Dial
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I only saw this episode once, so forgive me for my lack of details. I thought this was quite a good episode with good writing, but I didn't like the premise for it. I do have a reason. For Thomas (?) to have gone to get the younger Quinn and Maggie, it would have to include time travel and I have very strict theories about that. I won't explain them now, but this episode kinda comprimised them. Another thing was that this episode implied that Quinn wanted a romance with Maggie as well. Now, there have been little things throughout the season that suggested this, but when Maggie asked him if he saw her fantasy in Virtual Slide, he actually seemed quite irritated also, in The Chasm, Maggie thought that Quinn didn't love her in the same way she loved him. The premise was a little complicated, but in a few ways, it was kind of interesting.

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