The Original Exodus

John Rhys-Davies (Professor Arturo) is credited on the Season 3 episode 'The Exodus' as the story originator. However, it has been widely know for a long time that it was a transformed version of his idea that finally made it to the screen. At the convention Telefantastique 2 in London 23rd-25th July 1999, I (Slider Sarah) asked him just how different his idea was from the episode that was made. And he described it to me (and the rest of the audience). What follows is what I and BritSlider can remember from then. It is as accurate as we can make it with no reference other than our own memories. I personally think his version was better, as did he, and all those who read what I posted about it on the Dominion Sliders Bboard.

In this universe, the comet that hit Jupiter, Schumacher Levy, had some effect on Earth and the Earth suffered a kind of nuclear winter. There are a few people still around, mainly centered around shopping centres where there is still food. But there weren't many people and their life expectancies weren't long or something like that. The Sliders slide in. The find a Motorola factory (nice lttle touch!) which made mobiles or whatever that used the same chip as the original timer. Quinn and Arturo work out that the timer worked because of a flaw in the chip and they all go testing the chips in the old timer to see if they can get it to work again. They manage to find one which can get them home. However, they find out that by connecting it to some other stuff, they can save the people of this world.

The wormhole that would be created would be bigger. Big enough to carry two lorries through. However, because of the greater strain on the chip, it would only last for a few minutes before burning out and the Sliders would therefore be back to square one since they could not travel home. The Sliders have to decide whether to go home or help the people. As JRD put it, "Of course, being our Sliders they would help these peopel." Or words to that effect.

Quinn goes off on his own on reconnissance (sp?) for a new world for the people. The first world he comes to is a green fieldy area. He meets a Native American riding a horse. The Native and Quinn stare each other out for a while and then the native says, "Go! This land is taken!" Obviously that wouldn't be a good place to settle, so Quinn moves on. He then finds a seemingly paradise world with lovely flowers, trees etc. He goes back and a team goes through to explore further. Unfortunately, at night they find a deadly problem. There is a flower in the area which blooms at night, and as it does so releases huge amounts of something similar to opium. No humans like the refugees could withstand these amounts, so that world has to be abandoned. By now time is running out and they settle for a world which just about satisfies their needs.

While this is happening, the people on the doomed Earth have begun gathering together and deciding what few things to take. The example JRD used was, "If you're starting a new [place], do you take the Venus de Milo or the last of the tinned food." Because they had to have some conflict in the episode (ie something happening) one of the groups wants to get rid of some of the people going through so they can take more of their own stuff. Quinn and the professor would be involved with that group and Wade and Remmy with the nice group and somewhow they would find out about the nasty group and try to stop it. (Brit seems to remember more about that bit than me :-)

The end would have been the original end before JRD decided to leave because it did not, as far as we could tell, end with the death of the professor. The Sliders slid with the two lorryloads or something, but they back to sliding to fins home randomly again. :-(

JRD was quite annoyed about the brainfluid-sucking Rickman (or 'militaristic society with a demented brain-sucking bad guy'.) and how the story actually turned out. I told him that I liked his better when he finished answering the question and in reply he said, "Yes, well, that's because it was a better idea." Even though that's a hugely egotistic thing to say, I agree with him totally. But he also said that by that time he'd given up caring and he just had to get out of there.

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