Season 3 - Mistakes

These are just the few I have picked up so far. If you know of any others or any corrections, please mail me at

(NB: Plot points that I find suspicious are also included in mistakes as are other things I don't have any where else to put.)
I don't pick the mistakes out because I don't like Sliders - I love Sliders - I'm just very picky.

Rules of the Game
* How did the Sliders manage to stay alive to the end, but the professional players didn't?

Double Cross
* When Logan heard the name Quinn Mallory, shouldn't she have guessed something since she knew of the existence of parallel worlds and her name was once Mallory?
* When the bullet is being sucked in, the Sliders don't even twitch, even though the force pulling the bullet towards the vortex must be more than the force at which it shot out of the gun.

Electric Twister Acid Test
* When Quinn saves Caleb from the twister, the film is obviously sped up.
* What's with the smoke as Caleb disappears? He's only going in a door!
* While Michener takes the electrical timer from Quinn, he makes no mention of the watches worn by all the guys, which I would assume were digital from their looks.
* Why didn't anyone notice Quinn swimming to free Wade, I doubt he would have been able to hold his breath all that time, especially since he couldn't see where he was going. I had trouble holding my breath that long and I do Synchronised Swimming!
* When Arturo is discribing magnetic fields to Caleb, the uninterrupted noise implies a circle was drawn, but when we see the piccie, it isn't.

The Guardian
No notes, remember? Sorry.

The Dream Masters
* From what I could tell, Wade cut the palm of her hand on the barbed wire, not her wrists.
* Why did all those people wake up at the end? I didn't think that the Sliders got rid of all the dream masters, just the one that was stalking Wade.
* The Dream Master whom the Sliders got rid of should have known that it was a dream since he was creating it and therefore he shouldn't have been that easy to get rid of.

Desert Storm
* The child in the flashback who Cutter stole looks older than 5 to me. More like 8 or 9.
* How did an arrow pierce a piece of rock?

* Gareth obviously hadn't wiped out all but Philip of the Mallory clan because the person who played the cop O'Hara was Charlie O'Connell, Jerry's younger brother, who would later become the regular slider, Colin Mallory. I know this is absolutely no fault of the Sliders team since Charlie didn't join as a regular until season 4, but it is interesting to point out that there must be some offshoot in the Mallory clan on that world.
* How come the dragon was big enough to carry Melinda in his claw, yet when it faced Quinn, it could fit in a room and was only about twice the size of Quinn?
* In the credits (both English and German), Charlie O'Connell was billed as Charlie O'Donnell.

The Fire Within
The Prince Of Slides
oops, lost my nots. Sorry

Dead Man Sliding
I can't read my notes for this properly, so I'm not entirely sure what I was talking about all the time :-) I think I get it though.

* How did Taryn know the knife wound was from a bar fight and the number of stitches? That wasn't on the file, so if she knew that she wouldn't ahev needed to look. (You have no idea how long it took me to work out what that said).
* The times at the end are wrong. They're about 30 seconds out.
* It didn't take very long for Quinn to get the tape!

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