Eye of the Storm

This episode first aired in the UK on 29th December 1999 on Sky 1, and in the US on the Sci-Fi Channel on 28th January 2000.

Writer: Teleplay by Chris Black, Story by Eric Morris and Chris Black
Director: David Peckinpah
Guests: Peter Jurasik (Dr. Geiger), Jay Acovone (Stu), Elizabeth Rossa (Sharon)
* In The Unstuck Man, the Quinn of the Sliders was merged with another Quinn, resulting in the current Mallory. Geiger was repsonsible for this. He did not let his student Diana in on all he did.
* Geiger returned in Applied Physics and screwed Diana again.
Additional Notes
* This episode took the budget that would have gone to the proposed spectacular finale had that not been set aside.
* Director Peckinpah was Executive Producer during seasons 3 and 4, and still retains Executive Consultant status. It makes you wonder how.
* Jerry O'Connell (Quinn Mallory seasons 1-4)'s image does appear in this episode. It was not available to be used in the premiere, but by the time this episode came around, it had been negotiated.
* Peter Jurasik is best known for his portrayal of London Mollari on Babylon 5. As Dr. Geiger he has appeared previously this season in The Unstuck Man and Applied Physics. * Jay Acovone has appeared in previous Sliders episodes in seasons 3 and 4. I'll look them up at some point.

< Recap of events in The Unstuck Man, Applied Physics and New Gods For Old. >

The Sliders are on a tribal kind of world. Mallory is attempting to appease the Gods of these people to control the weather by prancing about and looking a twat. It kind of works. And then there's a flood. Only a few minutes until the Slide. They chat a little, then Slide.

They exit in a deserted alley. It's incredibly windy and stormy and everything appears to (in my memory) have an orangey tinge. Lightning too. They leave the alley and find what can only be interpreted as the main street. There's a big orange energy wall part way down. Very, very huge. Doesn't appear to be any way around it. They spot a man praying in front of it, the only living person within sight. They talk to him, and when he turns, they discover it's Geiger, but he doen't appear to recognise them. Before they can stop him he runs into the energy barrier and disintegrates.


Our Sliders force their way into the Chandler who's doorway has been blocked from the inside. Outside the sky is orange, most likely due to the energy barrier. The bellhop, Stu appears, surprised at visitors after all this time. He says the whole world, with the exception of a small bit around the hotel, is gone, and more keeps going. He thinks that they got in somehow, so the MUST know a way to get him, and the other people holed up in the hotel, out of here. He grabs the timer, but Maggie gets it back from him. He doesn't believe that Diana may be able to find a way to get them out of here. The Sliders go upstairs to their usual suite. When analysing the data, Diana discovers that this world is almost exactly like the stasis field around Geiger on her home world was. He may have something to do with this. They should still be able to Slide though, there's no reason why the timer won't work (for once). Stu listens at the door.

There's someone in the room above the Sliders who's making a noise. The Sliders go up to talk to him. When they enter the room, out pops Geiger, walking with a cane and looking rather haggard. It was his double who died. He had thought it was not possible for someone unstuck to have non-unstuck doubles, but that went all kaputt when he met Oberon, who was turned mad by the encounter. He brought them here on purpose so that Diana could help him. Diana is not at all happy about that ans shouts at him. His attempts at the experiments won't work. A tiny error compunded many times make big mess. The people are stuck here too. Soon this world will be crushed into a quantum singularity, and no one wants to still be around when that happens. Diana refuses to help him after what he's done and walks out. Immediately outside she is stopped by Stu who has a go at her and tries to take her somewhere to work on the problem. However, Maggie exits the room and hits Stu... again. Maggie and Remmy go off on recon, while Diana will stay and work on stuff on her own. Mallory will keep her company.

Remmy and Maggie are outside, but they find they have to take cover fom the electrical weather. They enter an old officey place that looks pretty much like a bank. They look around and pick up some 'travelling money.' A police woman comes out of one of the ickle rooms and points her gun at them.

Diana estimates that this world only has 16 hours left, but that still means they're able to Slide. She's still working on the others. Mallory says that in a way he's grateful to Geiger and can't quite understand her hostility. He's grateful because Geiger got him out of a wheelchair and he doesn't want Diana to take that credit. Diana argues his bad intentions, but Mallory is still grateful to him.

The Police woman, Sharon, thought they were there to take them. She doesn't care if they're looters. Remmy and Maggie get her to tell them what's going on and she takes them out back to the other people. People disappear all the time, then they turn up a few days later, disfigured or worse. Some are severly changed, others not so. Not sure what happens to them.

Geiger comes to see Diana. She's very cold towards him. They argue a little. Before he leaves, Geiger tells Diana that he had the ability to seperate the Quinns at the time... and he still can.

The Sliders aren't sure that Geiger was telling the truth. More arguing. Diana's not sure he can do it. 8 hours until the Slide. Mallory wants to go ahead with the attempt, since he's the patient. Diana goes to Geiger and agrees to work with him.

Remmy goes to help and talk to Sharon. She had t shoot one of the people to save him the horrible pain... the first time she'd ever fired her gun on her beat.

There's a shaking of the Earth and the time till collapse is reduced to one hour because the collapse rate just increased.

Maggie goes for Remmy and Sharon. There's only 20 minutes to move all her people to the hotel, which appears to be the focal point. Maggie goes back to the hotel to get more help to move them.

Geiger and Diana begin to try and seperate the Quinn's. It starts to work a little.

All the people are in now... except for one. Sharon had to keep him locked up because he would get violent and disturb the other people. The three of them go to get him. It's kind of Geiger... something to do with merging. They realise these people have been lab rats for Geiger who has been trying to merge with them to preserve his own existance. The man who ran to the barrier may not have been a double.

Geiger starts another part of the experiment without Diana noticing. Another beam points at Geiger and his signal begins to override that of the Quinns.

The three only just get out of the way of the forcefield. Little left of anything except the hotel. Stu tries to shout at them (again) and he stops Maggie's fist, so she knees him in the balls.

Geiger is now partially imposed over the others. Diana shuts it down. Geiger was trying to merge with Mallory. Maggie and Remmy arrive now too. 10 minutes tops. Geiger says Colin is beyond their reach, he may even be destroyed. But Quinn and Mallory can still be seperated. They try again. The original Quinn's image is partially dissociated. But it doesn't work. They've been merged too long and now they're inextricably linked, like siamese twins. One or the other would die. So they shut it down, knowing that Quinn wouldn't want to kill Mallory in the process.

The barrier now encompases part of the hotel as well. The people are scared and flee upstairs. Geiger can send the people home. He brought them here for this experiment. The people force their way in just as the vortex opens. Before Diana goes through, Geiger is shot and can't complete that which needs to to send the people home. He gives her a disk and she presses the final button.

The other three Sliders are all out of the vortex. Finally, Diana explodes out of it. All are okay. Using the PDL, she discovers that the disk contains her home co-ordinates. "The Way Home."

Did You Notice?
* Mallory smeared self with bear skat (???) and pranched round a campfire in his underpants as part of a Pagan idol worship ceremony.
* Maggie gives Mallory 3:1 odds on the next world being deadly. Surprisingly enough, Maggie wins! Amazing!
* Remmy (I think that was an R) is tired and he wants to go home.
* Diana can't be more specific on where they are and where they're headed since all the co-ordinates were lost in To Catch A Slider when they were forced to replace the gem which locked onto dimensional vibrations.
* The Chandler is on Wiltshire Blvd.
* The people in the Chandler have been hold up for 6 months with no food or water and have seen no other people.
* They started out with 50 people, now only 20. They keep disappearing.
* Being unstuck is like being stuck in surf.
* Some of the posters read things like: "High", "Now IRAs", "117.5%", "Movin Up". I'm sure some of those bits went together but my notes are messy. You're lucky you get notes at all!! :-)
* Geiger told Diana to increase the frequency by .001%
* When seperating, Jerry O'Connell's image is superimposed over that of Robert Floyd. It would look like at times a typical bland expression, and perhaps that of the grimace/torture scene in Genesis (Season 4).
* The Quinns are now like conjoined twins sharing a heart. :-(

Cool Quotes:

"Would you chill? I'm appeasing the Gods!" - Mallory
"Looks to me like pissing them off." - Remmy
"That's right... uhuh... uhuh." - Mallory in celebration
"Oh crap!" - Maggie about the flood
"Next time I decide to convert to Pagan idol worship, someone slap me si-ow!" - Mallory about failing and Maggie's punch.
"Find me a chicken to sacrifice and I'll see what I can do." - Mallory about the weather on orange stasis thing world
"What a surprise, deadly wins again." - Mallory about orange energy barrier world.
"Maybe he became unstuck in more ways that one." - Mallory about Geiger
"You think we Slid into Hell?" - Maggie about orange barrier shit world.
"You ever received psychiatric care, honey? Y'know, I bet I could rustle up some prozac." - Stu to Maggie
"Enough with the hitting! Enough with the hitting!" - Maggie gets her own way with Stu.
"Dr. Geiger's betrayal interfere's with Diana Davis' trust to create bitterness and anger. An adequate mass of apology should return the system to equilibrium and everything will be JUST PEACHY!" - Diana ripping the piss out of Geiger's apology.
"Like a singer shattering a wine glass... okay bad analogy." - Diana to Mallory about his seperation.

* If those people have been holed up in the Chandler for 6 months without food or water and no other people coming in, how are they in such good health? Water would be a problem.
* The people in the hotel said they found no one, but they can't have looked to hard if there were people in the bank.
* I've written why no understand doubles. I'd like to know what the Hell I meant! * But the experiment did work in Applied Physics. At least, the two worlds were combined fine.

My Opinion:
Well, it's been a while, but I'll try my best.

First up was the recap. It seemed pretty much like the trailers for The Unstuck Man, with a little Applied Physics and New Gods For Old thrown in for good measure. It had to be done, but I guess the ickle clips they chose were a little strange at times.

Lolly lol on the flood thing. It looked to cheesy! It seemed pretty fun though. I liked the teaser. Maybe a little odd Mallory simply converting to Pagan worhship, but it did make a funny scene! And funny images in my head :-)

The old co-ordinates are gone? Aren't they gonna have a bit of trouble finding Remmy's world? If they had his to start with. Yeah, they have that od Diana's world, but what good's that gonna do Remmy?

That alley set looks strangely familiar... have they used that about a hundred time before?

Wow, it's weird shit world! Weird weather, weird orange energy barrier thingy. Very strange place.

Peter Jurasik is plain amazing. Okay, so most of the stuff he didn't actually get the chance to be really evil. You get to sympathise with him TOO much. That's not good if you're meant to hate him. They tried to make him kind anice, then not nice, then nice again. Make your mind up people!! Anyway, that scene he did at the beginning was great. Brilliantly done IMHO. He has a lot of ability, but the character really didn't go anywhere :-(

Eugh. Peck. 'nuff said.

I got a little confused by the Geiger double and if he really was. Geiger says he is, then there's these mergery experiments and I'm more than a little confused. Was that his double or not? I still don't see why there can't be a double if one person got unstuck. Wouldn't that mean SO MANY people would be unstuck because there'll be quite a few people around the multiverse in one place or another who slide and get unstuck. The infinite possibilities. So I think there HAVE to bedoubles of each still out there.

When it comes down to it, Remmy's still the heart and soul of the group. That's why he's still there. He's strong, but he feels other people's feelings. That makes him the steadiest of the group IMHO.

Yehay! This is eppy of the tough girls!! Diana's off in full bitchy mode to Geiger (and quite rightly). That has to be her best material this season. The writers just didn't appear to know what to do with her. They said she was they scientist of the group, but when it came down to it, all she ended up was practically a textbook. That's no reflection of Tembi Locke. Ithink she did great in her portrayal. And the character herself was a very interesting character with a lot of potential, but the writers underused her, perhaps out of lack of understanding of her, perhaps they just wanted to use the others. It's a shame... she could have been a wonderful addition had the writers actuall TRIED. Anyway, off on a tangent there. I loved her scenes with Geiger. And then we have Maggie the tough gal too! Punching poor Stu al lthe time and then kneeing him in the balls :-) And last off we have Sharon, overly tought policewoman person! Definitely tough girl ep.

The suggestion is that each wormhole for each set of Sliders is unique. The exact mechanics of it all I can't comprehend, but would it relate to frequency or something? Because otherwise I'm lost. Of course, in my spin-off ficcy, I have different frequencies for 'Magg and human. That just made things easier for me.

Oh my, what a git Geiger is!!! He could seperate them before and he didn't? Eugh. But that just seems like an attempt to make you hate him again after all the trouble they've gone to to make you sympathise. Make your minds up!!

I see Geiger has a lab, though. LOL! :-) Also lolly on the psychiatric (sp?) care joke :-) I think she just needs de-tox from the caffeine pills :-)

It was nice that they could finally use Jerry O'Connell's image in such a scene. It was a shame about the choice of image. Okay, I think at one point they may have used the torture scene, which would have been perfect, but I think they also used just a bland image which did not go. These people were meant to be seperated! It would at least be partially painful!!! It was shame also that they weren't able to seperate the Quinn's before the end of the season, but without securing Jerry O'Connell for at least one episode that would be almost impossible. Not entirely, but almost. Sigh. The bellhop was cool :-) Cheesy and stereotyped, but he was fun :-) And how many times has Jay Acavone been on sliders now playing different characters? I've lost count. If he's gonna be on it that much, they should have made him a recurring character. Or maybe... he knew Peckerhead?

Okay, the effects seemed a little overdone and I don't really care for the Geiger arc, despite the brilliance of Peter Jurasik, but there was some great Diana character stuff in this. And it was interesting. And at least they actually partially FINISHED an arc. for the most part I enjoyed it, but it wasn't amazingly outstanding. The money on effects seemed a bit wasteful. And I swear that the machines they use in the lab were also used for the Kromagg Sliding device in The Seer!!! LOL. I don't like the beamy things. They left one arc open, and closed one. It needed to be done. And then they left all kinds of arcs open at the end of this season. And the fans are the ones to pick up the pieces. A virtual 6th Season will be found at some point on: Phoenix Virtual Television

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