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Save us Brits from the Hell that is no eps!

Last Update: 22nd January 2003

22nd January

This is somewhat defunct now, as Sci Fi UK has been showing Sliders twice a day for some time now. From February 19th, this will also include season 4. However, it seems highly unlikely that BBC will ever purchase the rights to seasons 4 and 5.

27th June

After Sky was so nice in giving us season 1 and 2 reruns back in March, they have now changed their minds and removed it from the schedule. Previously it aired at 3pm (well, mostly) on a Sunday afternoon, but I was informed via an egroup that this would be replaced by Earth: Final Conflict repeats. The latest listings magazine supported this and it went into implication from Sunday 25th June :-(

Still no word yet on BBC. I have been informed though, that because of summer sports showings, there will be no more episodes until August. There have not been any for several weeks. No report yet on whether or not they will continue with season 3 repeats, and as yet, have still not bought the rights to seasons 4 and 5.

We are still accepting names for the petition, which now stands at over 50 people. To add your name to the petition, mail me at: along with your name. please note that I am no longer accepting handles because the BBC may take that less seriously. Real names only please! They will not be published anywhere except on what is sent to the BBCor BSkyB.

I will keep you updated on the progress

16th March
Sorry for the delay. I can't find a reply from the Beeb, if I got one at all, it's not where it should be. I'll try again this weekend. If they did reply, they said it wasn't likely to return yet, but I have a feeling they didn't becasue I know I wouldn't have deleted it. Sky 1 are, thankfull, showing repeats on a Sunday at 15:00.

26th January
Although names are still welcome, the petition was sent off to the BBC on Sunday 23rd January. It's any guess when, or if, a reply will come.

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