Rewritten and expanded!

6.1 | Mirage

Rembrandt runs into doubles of some old friends.

6.2 | Barriers

Quinn's timer has a strange reaction to the latest parallel world.

6.3 | Nightwalkers

The rules of Sliding change once more; Wade investigates her double's life.

6.4 | Negotiations

Doubles of the Sliders become embroiled in a hostage situation.

6.5 | Entrapped

The Sliders fall victim to Quinn's nemesis, who's set up a miniature Slidecage in the hope of exacting revenge.

6.6 | Dj V

Disastrous consequences result when the Sliders help a Bennish double who's more than he seems.

6.7 | Reunion, Part I

Returning to a familiar world sets off a chain of events that Rembrandt hopes will end on the Seer's Earth.

6.8 | Reunion, Part II

The final attempt to split the Quinns has several unintended side effects.

6.9 | First Sight

An insular medical establishment poses a threat to the group's unity.

6.10 | Crime and Punishment

The long-awaited return to Earth Prime quickly turns sour.

6.11 | Morals and Ethics

The death of a prominent civil rights leader profoundly affects Rembrandt.

6.12 | Shockwaves

Maggie makes an unlikely friend on a desolate world.

6.13 | The Assignment, Part I

Tenuous allies involve the Sliders in their plan to strike a blow against the Kromagg Dynasty.

6.14 | The Assignment, Part II

Quinn becomes the pawn of both sides in the Kromagg struggle.

6.15 | Stowaway

A group of five Sliders begin to question the truth of their own past.

6.16 | Power Failure

What would happen if the timer ran out of steam at the worst possible time?

6.17 | Et Tu, Brother?

Quinn's long-lost brother leads him to a world on the brink of extinction.

6.18 | Martyr

A slider's fate is decided...

7.1 | The Road Less Traveled

The sliders face some painful decisions when they're unwittingly betrayed by one of their own.

7.2 | Meltdown

The sliders use their knowledge of a seemingly ideal world to investigate an epidemic.

7.3 | Dream a Little Dream

Quinn meets his counterpart; Rembrandt achieves an unwelcome kind of stardom.

7.4 | Memoirs

Arturo's nationality is held against him by a Cold War-ravaged world, but Quinn suspects the devastation has nothing to do with the UK.

7.5 | Tribal Customs

A highly advanced Earth offers anything one can imagine... within the rules.

7.6 | Unfinished Business

Whatever became of the other Quinn?

7.7 | This Time Around

The sliders are unnerved to discover the remains of their doubles.

7.8 | Shattered Mirror

A distraught couple turn to Quinn for help.

7.9 | With Age Comes Wisdom, Part I

What promises to be the final leg of the journey is disastrously sidetracked.

7.10 | With Age Comes Wisdom, Part II

As war breaks out around them, the group is targeted for revenge.

Season Six Vortex

Azure Gate Bridge by Day

Quinn inside the wormhole

Azure Gate Bridge by Night

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The original script versions

6.1 | Mirage (journal)

6.2 | Barriers (journal)

6.3 | Nightwalkers (journal)

6.4 | Negotiations (journal)

6.5 | Entrapped (journal)

6.6 | Dj V (journal)

6.7 | Reunion, Part I (journal)

6.8 | Reunion, Part II (journal)

6.9 | First Sight (journal)

6.10 | Nightmare (journal)

6.11 | Morals and Ethics (journal)

6.12 | Shockwaves (journal)

6.13 | The Assignment, Part I (journal)

6.14 | The Assignment, Part II (journal)

6.15 | Stowaway (journal)

6.16 | Power Failure (journal)

6.17 | Sibling Rivalry (journal)

6.18 | Martyr (journal)