The Season Four Crew

After enduring a barrage of movie rip-offs in the previous season, the faithful fans were treated to some surprising revelations. Quinn was from a parallel Earth where his parents had defeated the Kromaggs, and he had a brother named Colin. Wade had been captured by the Kromaggs and shipped off to a breeding camp earth. The focus was now not to get home, or even to find and save Wade, but to find Quinn and Colin's real homeworld, get the anti-Kromagg superweapon from their parents, and destroy the Kromaggs. The Professor, who was killed off in the previous season, was not even given a mention, and neither Quinn nor Maggie showed a hint of concern over Wade's situation. Most fans, however, hold this season in higher regard than the previous one; whereas Season Three (and the first part of Season Four) was the making of the mess, much of Season Four was involved in cleaning it up (thanks to the concern of writers like Marc Scott Zicree and *COUGH*williambigelow*COUGH*). One of the greatest redeeming qualities of this season was the superb acting by Cleavant Derricks. The rest of the cast paled in comparison to him (no pun intended...really).