The Original Four???

The third season of Sliders saw a great many changes, something that would quickly become
a pattern on the show. The production values and film quality changed, as a new Executive
Producer, David Peckinpah, arrived on the scene. Also among those changes was the fact that
our sliders, in many ways, seemed like a different group. Quinn was more buff and less emotional,
and he had a difficult time controlling his hormones. Gone was the physics nerd of seasons One
and Two. Here to stay was the GQ superhero. Rembrandt, instead of the nervous has-been superstar
turned interdimensional traveller, was also an action figure. The Professor was now nothing more
than an old sage, a vent for wit and wisdom when a situation called for it. He was no longer the deep
character with a dark side. Wade, though was much like she was in previous seasons, except that
she had a different hair color. Could it be that this group of sliders is not the same one we followed
in the first two seasons?

The general consensus among fans is that the third season was of inferior quality compared to the first two. Most of the blame is rewarded to David Peckinpah, who took the helm of the show late in the season.

There was a new addition to the regular cast late in the season as well. Kari (Salin) Wuhrer joined the team as the adulterous Marine Captain Maggie Beckett.