The following pages are those I have visited and feel deserve your attention. Check them out...
You won't be disappointed... and you'll escape the wrath of Quinntar!

Sliders: The Dimension of Continuity
From TemporalFlux, one of the leading Sliders websites on the web. Seeks to answer new and old questions about the show by looking at rare script outtakes, memorabilia, and virtually anything Tf can dig up!

Earth 374: The Way It Should Be
Chaser9's MAYBE Machine brings you Sliders from Earth 374. Explores what may have happened if David Peckinpah was booted and Tracy Tormé had returned to the helm. Superb fanfic!!!

Gate Haven: Same Planet, Different Dementia!
From Blinker, this site is one of two that contain the archive of "Parallel Dementia", the Interactive Sliders fanfic game and brainchild of Thomas Malthus of the Dominion Sliders board. Also contained are Blinker's Top Ten lists, Sliders from Earth69 (where Peck ran the show from day one), and the only place you can order "Colin Mallory's Can O' Whup-Ass!!!"

Enter Sliders: Phase Two
From JWSlider3, another nice site, and the first to house the synopses of every Season Five episode (except The Seer). There is a great, high res Season Five cast photo on the front page, and the rest of the graphics are very well done also. Very nice work.

Alternate Earth 117
From SliderSarah, a great page with information, episode synopses, pics-a-plenty, fanfic, and the "Bring Back Sliders to the UK Campaign". Also houses the Parallel Dementia Archive! Definitely worth a look-see!

Tim's Sliders Page: The Multimedia Dimension
This page has the largest collection of screen captures I have ever seen! Also contained is an episode guide, multimedia, news and information.