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To understand the concepts that I am about to bring forth, one must first understand the concept of parallel universes, as I interpret it.

According to the theory of parallel universes, there is not oneuniverse,but an infinite number of universes that make up the multiverse. In the beginning there was only one earth, but as history began to progress,the outcomes of events, such as wars, deaths , births, etc . . . would cause another universe to come into existence. In simple terms for every action,there are an infinite number of reactions.


In Universe A, Billy is hit by a car while walking home.
In Universe B, Billy dodges the car in time.
In Universe C, Billy is delayed in his walk home , hence
the car could not hit him.

In Universe D, Billy does not exist . . .his parents never
met so he was never born.

With this theory that for every action there are an infinite number of reactions, then for every possible decision a person makes, it does occur, but only in a parallel universe. As trivial as it may sound, there would even exist a universe where you decided not to get up out of your chair and get a drink of water . . . and because of this one trivial decision your life might be altered incredibly. Of course, this brings us to the inhabitants of these parallel universes, who are nearly identical to us, except their lives may have taken a different path . They will be referred to as

A double is simply a parallel universe version of
someone. Example:

Quinn Mallory in Universe A is a student of physics at a
local college.

Quinn Mallory in Universe B is a student of physics at a
local college.

Quinn Mallory in Universe C is a student of Art and
Theater at a college in Seattle.

Quinn Mallory in Universe D is in a low paying job, with
a wife and three kids.

All four Quinn Mallorys are Quinn Mallory, same appearance, same mother, same father, basically same upbringing and lives, but somewhere along the way, Universe C and Universe D's Quinn Mallory's lives took a different path, or perhaps the world they exist in took a different path. The Quinn Mallorys of Universes B, C and D would be doubles of the Quinn Mallory of Universe A and vice versa. Unfortunately, with advent of inter-dimensional travel, things become somewhat tricky.

On SLIDERS, Quinn Mallory discovers away to travel to parallel universes. With three companions, they become lost in the multiverse, traveling from parallel universe to parallel universe. It is here all the laws change, slightly.

From the moment the SLIDERS land upon a parallel world, they become part of that world and it's history. Which, abiding by the rules we have set up so far for parallel universes, leads to another interesting twist.
The SLIDERS themselves are faced with an infinite number of possibilities when they land on a world. Whether it be the choice of hotel they stay in, or if they choose to interfere in that worlds affairs. Every possible decision they make would cause a split,as I have termed it. An example would be:

On every world the SLIDERS have visited, they have made the slide, except for on Egypt World, here they missed the slide after interfering in an event upon that world and had to obtain another timer. Here, the
split occurs.

There are three possible outcomes here:

The SLIDERS miss the slide and find a new timer,
hence their journey continues

The SLIDERS miss the slide, do not realize this
world has sliding technology and hence remain upon
this world for 29.7 years.

The events leading to their missing the SLIDE do
not occur.
The sliders continue on their journey using
their original timer. Hence, every world they visited
afterwards would be different, due to the fact that the
window they slide out with on the NEW Timer was a
different window than the one their original timer

These splits would result in carbon copies of the Earth in which they occurred on, the only difference being, the events revolving around our sliders would be different. The ensuing SLIDERS created on these carbon copy Earths would be for all intents
and purposes "our" SLIDERS. They would all originate from the same Earth Prime and possess the same quantum signature as "our" SLIDERS. They would not be doubles, they would be what I
have termed others. Others are simply SLIDERS who due to
splits are identical to "our" SLIDERS up until the moment the split occurs. From that moment on, they are independent. They are still from Earth Prime, still possess the exact same memories of before the split that the main SLIDERS possess
and are no less the "true" group than any other group of others caused by a

To put this into perspective, that means there are an infinite number of SLIDERS out there who all originate from THE SAME Earth Prime. How does this tie into the theme of this page? Simple, I propose, that we are watching a group of others,
not doubles, and no less the REAL group of SLIDERS than any other. I believe the split occurred either prior to season 3 or during "Slide Like An Egyptian" since that moment, we have lost track of the MAIN group of SLIDERS. More than likely, Quinn, Wade, Rembrandt and Professor Arturo are still sliding out there, searching for Earth Prime.

Take this for what it is worth. A viable theory that could easily restore the original SLIDERS, who have more than likely been "misplaced" in the multiverse.

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Chaser9 is known around the Sliders community for his
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