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Welcome to the Cleavant Derricks CD Campaign home page! I'm sure you have probably already heard, but Cleavant Derricks has already completed his debut release, chock full of original love songs from the Cryin' Man!!! You can purchase this work of art right now from, and as always, there is a cornucopia of Cleavant Clips for you to enjoy here! Thanks to everyone for their support and willingness to help make this happen!!!

Cleavant Derricks is a Tony Award-winning actor who is no stranger to television or the stage. He has performed in such Broadway productions as Jesus Christ Superstar, Your Arms Are Too Short To Box With God, and Dreamgirls, for which he won his Tony. He is now best known for his role as Rembrandt (the "Cryin' Man") Brown on the television hit SLIDERS. He has also recently appeared in Wes Craven's Carnival of Souls. He recently finished his debut CD of love songs, which is now available on the internet! Plans are developing for a second album, and any news will be posted here!

For any of you who are interested or have special questions, you can e-mail me at I am pretty good at answering e-mail. Below are links to other pages on this site that will help you in your participation in the C.D. CD Campaign.

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