Sliders: the MP3 Soundtrack 
by Blinker and TheUnstuckMan

Blue Jay WayGhost in the Sliding MachineAlternate History Tour

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Theme Songs and Bumpers Including some rare alternate versions.
Vocal Performances Featuring Rembrandt, Wade, Maggie, and more.
Instrumental Scores The best incidental music from all five seasons.
Music from Other Shows Futurama, Nowhere Man, Starhunter...
Newest tracks:
Mothersbaugh Robin's Hoods Prince of Wails 0:48 754k
Rembrandt Brown Tears on My Pillow The Weaker Sex 0:48 755k
Mothersbaugh Society of Mind Eggheads 0:45 710k
Marinelli Dead Wood Young and the Relentless 0:14 232k
Graziano Last Remote Before an Execution Dead Man Sliding 1:55 1802k
Lux We'll Be Back Genesis 0:35 548k
Lux It's Been a Stone Gas My Brother's Keeper 1:25 1330k
Thanks go to:
Vortex62 and TemporalFlux for gag reel help and support.
Gregslider and Alexslider for translating the soundtrack into French and German.
Nigel Mitchell for the Suckerpunch connection.
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