ROADS TAKEN (reviewed by Paul Jennings)

What a sorry incoherent mess this episode was, but frankly it did have a lot to live up to in the minds of many fans. In an episode where the parallel element that was available was barely used to its potential, we had a hodgepodge of a plot that the cast obviously had no say in doing.

Anyone who watches 'Star Trek: Voyager' and saw "The Killing Game" on that show will think "Roads Taken" was filmed at the same time, as the studio sets used in both shows were in almost identical condition (they are the same sets in case you didn't know). No bad thing, but worth mentioning.

The guest cast was average at best, and only the TV reporter showed any enthusiasm for her role, while both the army doctor and the officer seemed to be just there as window dressing. Perhaps too much money was spent on all those location shoots around Los Angeles. Also seeing the guy from Police Academy playing older Quinn was the worst; I couldn't take him seriously. The casting director was obviously scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Until now I was never too bothered about a Maggie and Quinn romance. I just thought 'it'll happen,' even if they don't have the chemistry that Quinn and Wade had for the first two seasons. Either way, I now know it just won't work, and thankfully the writers basically show in the end that even though Maggie and Quinn are very close, a relationship is unlikely at best. Seeing Maggie and Quinn as dorky teenagers on the way to the prom seriously didn't help matters!

Not exactly the greatest penultimate episode of the season's we've had. Last season's penultimate "Stoker" was far superior as was season two's "Invasion" (though it was the UK's season finale). It's hard to review this episode, it had so little to recommend it, so I'm afraid this'll have to do. To say this episode was bad is an understatement, but there's always next week to prove the season can end on a high note.

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