DATA WORLD (reviewed by Paul Jennings)

This episode easily wins the award for most stupid and pathetic episode of the season so far, equaling the latter season three episodes, which I thought were far behind us. There was little if anything to redeem the episode. It was obvious from the minute the team entered the hotel what was going on in the episode, mainly due to the walking zombies outside and the pathetic attempt to make digital computer-esque effects.

The show only really used two sets, the Chandler Hotel and rooms and the Deleted Files set. If this episode had been as good as "The Alternateville Horror" I could have accepted this, but they were so boring and the files room was someone's really bad attempt to capture the computer generation's attention with Day-Glo colors and big computer equipment.

The only really decent part of this episode was the fight scene at the end where Maggie basically becomes Xena: Warrior Princess. It's done for laughs, but comes off as fun, pure and simple and Kari pulls the role off well.

The cast and guest cast did their best with what was available to them, so that was okay. However Colin has fallen quickly into the routine of worrying most when team members seem lost or disappear. In computer terms, this episode was the Windows 98 of the series (in other words, a waste of time completely).

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