NET WORTH (reviewed by Paul Jennings)

Before starting many of you may remember last season there was an episode originally on the episode list called "Onliners". I have a feeling "Net Worth" is strongly based on this episode, if not exactly the same, adapted for season four. [Editor's note: Yep.]

This was another good showing, not spectacular, but entertaining and fun. The basic plot of the episode: the team slide onto a new world, but Quinn and Rembrandt slide onto the other side of a wall from Maggie and Colin. Their attempts to get back together are stopped when Colin and Maggie get in a fight with some of the locals after they see them harrassing a young boy. The boy runs off with Maggie and Colin.

Meanwhile Rembrandt and Quinn are saved from some strange security officers by a young woman called Joanne who takes them to her room. Joanne is convinced Quinn is Rick, a man she met online, and Quinn uses the situation to get access to the computers to find Maggie and Colin's location, since they cannot leave the building.

It turns out that the real Rick is with Maggie and Colin, all of whom are being hunted by the Scavengers who hunt for people and technology for their own use. The team escape them and make contact with Quinn and Rembrandt, but this angers Joanne when she realises that Quinn isn't Rick, and the real Rick is an offliner, a person who isn't connected to the net (Joanne being an onliner). She is disgusted by this, since all onliners hate the outside world.

However, Joanne agrees to go with Quinn and Rembrandt when they escape the building and eventually meet up with the others (after Colin and Maggie have met Rick's comical mother who hates the 'Net), where Joanne finally meets Rick and the two manage to get along. The team hide at the Chandler, until the Scavengers find them and kidnap Joanne so they can gain entry to her home and technology at the Ivory Towers. The team manage to get back into the building and rescue Joanne from the Scavengers. Later Joanne goes with Rick to his family home where they kiss and she moves in, despite the problems it will cause with her parents and the fact that it will be hard for her to adjust to life without so much technology. The team slide out and the episode ends.

Altogether a fun hour with some great guest cast members. Both Rick, Joanne and Shirley (Rick's mother) were great and made a lasting impression on me. Practically every set used so far this season is used all in this one episode, most notably the usual town set, as well as those from The Dying Fields. Also, we got another alternate world story and they're becomming better each week. One good part of this story was Joanne's disgust of the outside world and her almost complete inability to take off her net headset, as well as her fright when Rick throws it out the window.

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