THE DYING FIELDS (reviewed by Paul Jennings)

The team arrive on what seems to be a paradise world, but soon they spot a human being tracked by what seem to be Kromaggs, but appear slightly different. Moving to a nearby town they meet with a young woman who tells them she and several other humans were brought here by the Kromaggs for hunting. She has been lead to believe she will be free in 20 days, though none of the team believe that.

The first third of this episode was fairly dull and didn't really catch my attention, though thanks to the new info about the Kromagg war and the character of Kyra herself (and her interactions with Quinn and Colin) it became a good episode.

Kyra was the best guest star; the others were not of huge importance. In some ways Kryoptus, though good, was a hunk of the week (his forearms got bigger with each scene, I'm sure) and Kronos seems in some ways a poor version of Kromanus from "Common Ground," though with a different perspective on the Kromaggs. Also the Universal set is not used again, another town is instead, though the Chandler Hotel set does appear.

A reason is finally given for the breeder camps and the lack of Kromagg females. According to Kyra, during the war with the Kromaggs, the weapon Quinn's people used seriously affected all Kromagg females. After its use, any Kromagg woman who gave birth died two days later and therefore few Kromaggs were able to be born. As a last resort, they used all human females they could, establishing breeder camps to make new soldiers. The Kromaggs are less than happy with this, but it is the only source for survival of their race. The Humaggs, as they are called, are very much a cross between the two, human in appearance, but with the pronounced forehead of the Kromaggs, and the mental abilities they also have. They are bred to have a natural hate for their human side. These experiments have been going on for at least 20 years (since the end of the war), though in "Genesis" it seemed to imply that they were quite recent.

During this episode Quinn asks Kyra's help in locating Wade, though there isn't enough time and she is unable to do so anyway. Overall a good episode, with a slow start. In my opinion, it's still way better than season three, and up there this season with the quality of "World Killer" and "Prophets and Loss."

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