THE ALTERNATEVILLE HORROR (reviewed by Paul Jennings)

Well, I have to say this was a great episode. The short end: ghosts.

The long end? On a world where acid rain really is quite deadly, the team become the sole visitors to the Chandler Hotel. The concierge immediately gives them the best suite, so while Maggie, Quinn and Remmy go down to the bar for a glass of neon blue draught beer, Colin stays in the room to watch TV.

While watching Frankenstein a small boy enters the room and steals the remote and Colin follows him until the boy walks through a door. He runs downstairs to see the others, none of whom believe him, though the concierge is acting strangely.

Suddenly a new guest arrives and goes straight to his room. Within a short while a strange message appears in Remmy's mirror while he shaves and Maggie sees her own severed head in the ice box. Soon the power goes out and Colin follows the reappeared boy and disappears again, just as the timer goes missing.

The team believes John Smith (the other guest) has taken it when they see his strange 'weather monitoring equipment' but can't find it. The team split up, Maggie gets locked in the basement with some rats, Remmy search the hotel for the strange room 315 and Quinn goes with the concierge to look in all the rooms, after she reveals the hotel is haunted and has been for years. Soon a wormhole is discovered and with John Smith's help they are able to finally see the people caught on the strange astral plane.

They are made up of our Colin, the young boy (who is the concierge’s son), and three others. The three others are doubles from another Earth; Remmy who created the sliding device which got them there, Maggie's exotic dancer double and Quinn's freaked out party double (complete with nose ring). Using lightning as power, the team are able to send the doubles back to their world, and get Colin and the boy back to their world. The boy is reunited with his mother just as the sun rises and the team are almost ready to leave.

If you don't like the idea of the plot, you have to see it to see how cool it is. There's a number of reasons to like this episode. It makes full use of the hotel set for the first time. The three main guest stars are great, the concierge is appropriately kooky, the boy totally non-annoying and the Smith character suitably weird. The look on Maggie's face when she sees her double is priceless. Both Maggie and Quinn's doubles are hilarious and it's worth seeing the episode just because of them. Maggie's is a total slut and Quinn's is a wild child freak, while Remmy's is basically what Remmy would be like if he has Quinn's smarts.

Overall the story is just plain fun and worthy of the show's first 'Halloween' episode and a damned sight better than "Dream Masters," which aired last season.

Colin also continues to grow in this episode as he gets taught 90s terms and words from Remmy and also reveals the strain of suddenly realizing that there is more than just the one world he grew up on, while Maggie as usual gets some of the best comedic lines. This week the Kromaggs and Wade are not mentioned, though it's good that the arc isn't the sole purpose of the show, however it is kept by a line where Maggie joking says to Quinn will she ever meet his parents.

Also this episode marks a point for Quinn, when he doubts his force in making Colin come with them and tells Remmy and Maggie that if they want to leave and settle on a world, he doesn't mind if they do. This was something Wade mentioned several times during her time on the show. Anyway, one of the season's best so far and well worth mentions as one of my favorites now!

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