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 Which Slider Are You? 
 Blinker  Nov20/02 

 How might someone who just met you sum you up?


 You're invited to a party. You:

See no point in such drunken orgies of excess.
Have too much work to do!
Go, but only as a favour to the one who invited you.
Are the life of the party!
Are initially shy but have a great time.
Leave that night with a fistful of phone numbers.
Only have eyes for your date.
Get plastered and stumble home with a lampshade on your head.
Never, ever get invited to another one.

 Happiness is:

Being in the spotlight.
Being out of the spotlight.
The thrill of exploration.
The satisfaction of a job well-done.
Best shared with another.
No responsibilities.
Helping others.
A warm gun.

 In a fantasy RPG, your character would be a(n)...

Questing knight.
Wandering minstrel.
Warrior princess.
Cleric or healer.
Evil overlord.
Stout, axe-wielding dwarf.

 Your ideal partner would be:

Love at first sight.
The guy/girl next door.
Someone tragically unattainable.
Sexy. :-P
Wade! No... Maggie! No... that COW over there!
Sorry, there's no room for love in my life.
Gone the next morning.
Your one true soul mate.
Fat, British and microwavable.

 You would never dream of:

Compromising your ideals.
Compromising your dignity.
Doubting your friends.
Giving up hope.
Backing down from a fight.
Starting a fight.
Offering mercy to one who has wronged you.
Turning your back on a friend.
Settling down to a life of complacency.

 When it comes to clothing, you:

Dress practically.
Dress to look cool.
Like to experiment.
Are a little behind the times.
Like to flaunt your wealth and prestige.
Like to flaunt your hot, sexy body. :-P
Look like a geek.
Look like a McDonald's cashier.
Meh, whatever.

 Your finest quality is...

My strength of will.
My faith.
My intellect.
My work ethic.
My open-mindedness.
My sense of humour.
My capacity for self-sacrifice.
My sensitivity to others.
My ruthlessness.

 And your dark side?

Geez, where to start?
I'm easily frightened.
I'm incompetent and often in over my head.
I have a knack for getting myself into trouble.
A tendency to self-pity.
I'm a tad aggressive.
I'm oblivious to others' feelings.
I'm a little naïve.
My ego's the size of Nebraska. So?

 In an argument with a friend, you're most likely to:

Refuse to budge.
Meekly back down.
End up in tears debating the point.
Try to defuse the argument with light-heartedness.
Unleash a devastating tirade.
Deck them.

Change the subject to something more interesting.
Avoid a confrontation at all costs.
Go for the low blow. If you make them cry, hey, bonus!

 Had you been sucked into the vortex in Rembrandt's place, what
 role in the group would you take on?

Comic relief.
I'd just be along for the ride.
Group? I'd swipe the timer and go solo.

 And what would you insist on carrying from world to world?

Nothing. Sliding means improvising.
Writing materials. Infinite worlds, infinite inspirations.
Spare parts for the timer.
A gun.
Unusual artifacts from each world.
Pictures of my loved ones.
A grudge against Quinn for getting me into this!

 You see a slave being savagely beaten by her Kromagg master.

Are delighted at the opportunity to kick some ass.
Do the sensible thing and stay back.
Rush to her aid and damn the consequences.
Get someone else to save her.
Only attack the Magg if someone else does so first.
Create a diversion... and run like hell.
Go to her alone so as not to endanger your friends.
Are too terrified to help.
Couldn't care less.

 Which world would most tempt you to stay behind?

One where you're a celebrity.
One where you've fallen in love.
One where you're in a position of power.
A close copy of your homeworld.
Someplace peaceful and idyllic.
An Earth with a fascinating culture.
One where your knowledge of other worlds could make a difference.
Sliding's far too deadly. I'd stay behind first chance I got.
I'm getting home. Staying is out of the question.

 And finally, the most important question of ALL...
 What's your favourite colour?


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